Regenerative Ranching

Pasture-Raised and Grain-Finished Beef

Experience natural indulgence with our all-natural, pasture-raised, and grain-finished whole beef steeped in the purity of Arkansas pastures. Make a statement with every bite that signifies quality, celebrates taste, and champions ethical farming practices.

Pasture-Raised and Grass-Finished Whole Goat

Dive into the culinary exploration with our All-Natural Whole Goat, the epitome of farm-fresh goodness. Experience the harmony of supreme quality and unrivaled flavor, delivered right to your doorstep.

Hog Jaw Honey

Experience Nature's Elixir with Hog Jaw Honey- where the sweet allure of wildflower honey meets the spirit of sustainable innovation. This isn't merely a honey purchase, it's endorsing a brand that mirrors the beauty of nature and champions sustainability..

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Enhance Your Gastronomic Journey with Our Premium, Pasture-Feeding, Grain-Finishing Whole BeefExperience the Untainted Delicacy of Arkansas's Pastures with Our Responsibly-Raised Beef
Our offering goes far beyond ordinary beef - it stems from an unwavering dedication to sustainable farming and a pledge to deliver unparalleled quality. Tailored to meet the needs of families our beef offers you a bite of unadulterated authenticity, setting a stage for unforgettable dining experiences for you and your prospects.
Reasons to Opt for Our Exquisite, Pasture-Raised BeefResponsibly-Raised: Our cattle roam freely in the diverse fields of Oden, Arkansas, savouring the bounty of Mother Nature.Absolutely Drug-Free: We ensure your beef stays clear of antibiotics or hormones – delivering robust health along with great taste.Grain-Finished for Unmatched Flavour: 90 days prior to processing, we treat our cattle with a grain ration to boost protein content and amplify taste.Commitment to Regenerative Farming: Our farming techniques are designed to safeguard the well being of our cattle and preserve the vitality of our land.Honest Pricing: Our fair price strategy revolves around the hanging weight of the cattle, promising value for your investment.We rotationally graze and use regenerative ranching techniques in our goat and cattle operation. Our beef is born and raised on pastures in Oden Arkansas which has a variety of forbs and grasses including but not limited to white and red clover, Johnson grass, bermuda grass and hairy vetch. 90 days before our processing date on your beef we feed a grain ration to increase the protein levels and give you a better tasting product. The animal is never inoculated with antibiotics or hormones and is finished on pasture. He will never be fed in a drylot feed lot.We charge $7 per pound HANGING WEIGHT which is the weight of the animal on the rail after the entrails and blood have been removed. The price includes USDA processing, vacuum sealing and boxing. To give you an idea of weight, a 1000 lb live beef will have a hanging weight that is approximately 60% of the live weight or 600 lbs. Then the final weight of the cut and packaged meat will be 60% of the hanging weight or in this case approximately 360 lbs of meat. This is simply an estimation and the real end packaging is impossible to determine. We use the hanging weight because it is an independent, 3rd party (the butcher) giving the weight of the animal and the hanging weight is how we are charged for processing. We feel it is the most honest and fair way to determine the weight. Once the deposit is made it will take 6 to 9 months to finish your beef and get onto the processors schedule.Please see the linked brochure from the Oklohoma Department of Agricuture to get a better idea of what to expect.

Pre-Order Your All-Natural Whole Goat Today!

Experience the authentic, farm-fresh taste delivered straight to your doorstep.
Step into a world where quality meat meets convenience. Our All-Natural Whole Goat brings a truly farm-to-table experience right to your kitchen. You, the discerning home cook, the passionate foodie, will appreciate the care we put into every piece of meat we produce.
Why Our All-Natural Whole Goat?
USDA-Processed & Vacuum Sealed: We ensure nothing but the highest quality for our customers. Each goat is professionally processed and vacuum sealed to maintain freshness.
Sustainably Raised: Our goats are raised using regenerative ranching techniques, resulting in a product that is as good for the planet as it is for your plate.Grain-Free: From birth, our kids are never fed grain. Instead, they freely grave in our pastures, guaranteeing a robust and natural flavor.Our 2024 goat crop will be born between April and May 2024 and we shoot for a harvest/processing date in November to December of 2024. By November/December the kids will be 6 months old and should weigh between 60 and 70 pounds with a December 2024 to January 2025 delivery. Once processed you should expect approximately 25 pounds of meat (could be a pound or two more or less). The total is $500 plus shipping and your $200 deposit will be deducted from the total price. You will be invoiced for the balance which must be paid prior to our processing date. Our goat meat is USDA-processed, vacuum sealed for freshness and frozen. Each package includes an insulated cooler/insulated liner and gel packs to maintain the proper temperature. They may arrive partially thawed or chilled but can be refrozen. You can also choose to pickup at the farm or from our processor in Cove Arkansas.Our Whole Goat Includes:2 Racks of Ribs8 Loin Chops4 Leg Shanks2 Leg Roasts2 Shoulder Roasts2-4 pounds of bone-in meat for stew.We rotationally graze and use regenerative ranching techniques in our goat and cattle operation. Grain is fed to the mothers during the winter months in order to increase the probability for twins and triplets at birthing. The kids themselves are never fed grain.

just honey all natural wildflower honey

Experience the Unparalleled Sweetness of Just Honey Wildflower Honey
Dive into a world of richness and purity with our meticulously crafted honey
At Just Honey, we're not just selling honey - we're sharing a piece of Oden's unspoiled beauty. Our raw, unpasteurized wildflower honey serves as a testament to the diverse flora that graces our picturesque landscapes.
Sourced from over 50 hives across 360 acres of hay fields filled with wildflowers and cloverHarnessing the essence of local wildflowers, our family creates an elixir that captures the pure beauty of OdenOur honey is made with love and respect for nature - We are grounded in sustainable practices, ensuring our honey is not just sweet, but also kind to the planetSadly, we're currently out of stock. However, the wait will be worth it! We'll be back with our new harvest in July 2024.Why Choose Just Honey Wildflower Honey
Experience the sweet success of eco-friendly entrepreneurship. Just Honey is not only about the refined taste of wildflower honey, but also about the spirit of sustainable business practices.
We empower entrepreneurs and digital brands to look towards nature for inspirationOur story showcases how we've embraced e-commerce solutions, positioning Just Honey as a go-to brand in the world of virtual shop buildingBy choosing us, you're not just purchasing honey - you're supporting a brand that values nature, sustainability, and innovationWhat Our Customers Are Saying
> "Just Honey is more than just a product. It's a journey into the heart of nature, a lesson in sustainability and a taste of pure, unadulterated sweetness. I'm eagerly awaiting their next harvest." - [Customer Name]
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