Whole Beef Share- All Natural, Pasture Raised and Grain Finished. Deposit

Whole Beef Share- All Natural, Pasture Raised and Grain Finished. Deposit

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PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION.  This is for a non refundable deposit.


We rotationally graze and use regenerative ranching techniques in our goat and cattle operation.  Our beef is born and raised on pastures in Oden Arkansas which has a variety of forbs and grasses including but not limited to white and red clover, Johnson grass, bermuda grass and hairy vetch.  90 days before our processing date on your beef we feed a grain ration to increase the protein levels and give you a better tasting product.  The animal is never inoculated with antibiotics or hormones and is finished on pasture.  He will never be fed in a drylot feed lot. 

We charge $7 per pound HANGING WEIGHT which is the weight of the animal on the rail after the entrails and blood have been removed.  The price includes USDA processing, vacuum sealing and boxing. To give you an idea of weight, a 1000 lb live beef will have a hanging weight that is approximately 60% of the live weight or 600 lbs.  Then the final weight of the cut and packaged meat will be 60% of the hanging weight or in this case approximately 360 lbs of meat.  This is simply an estimation and the real end packaging is impossible to determine.  We use the hanging weight because it is an independent, 3rd party (the butcher) giving the weight of the animal and the hanging weight is how we are charged for processing.  We feel it is the most honest and fair way to determine the weight.  Once the deposit is made it will take 6 to 9 months to finish your beef and get onto the processors schedule.

Please see the linked brochure from the Oklohoma Department of Agricuture to get a better idea of what to expect.   BROCHURE

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